How does's lead portal work?

On any page of you can find the option to "View leads" in the menu. You can also just directly find the portal at Once you are logged into the portal, you can now grab a lead of your choice. Each lead comes with:

  1. The day it was acquired on
  2. The kind of contact details you can expect to receive with the lead
  3. The option to press “Accept”

Once you accept a lead

You will now see the leads contact details under your “Client’s I’ve Accepted” menu item, as well as in your email inbox of the account your membership is under.
If the prospect doesn’t work out, return it! You only need to enter the lead number, and the reason why you are returning the lead. We audit all returned leads. Most returned leads we are able to help you connect with.

We have a testimonial section

So you can see what people are saying about our services. Just go to and click on “Buy Leads” and then click on “Experiences”. You can go to to purchase leads.