Thursday, December 29, 2016

5 lead generation techniques to generate qualified leads immediately

Generating leads can be challenging or easy depending on the kind of leads you are trying to generate. In today's blog we are going over how to generate qualified leads. Qualified leads have a name that is suggested to use for contact and a email and /or phone number. Let's talk about 5 simple things we can do to generate leads immediately. The good thing about our 5 lead generation techniques is that it doesn't matter if you follow just one of the lead generation techniques or all of them, you'll be generating leads in no time!

The first lead generation technique we'll talk about is using eBooks and FREE stuff to generate leads. You can get eBooks that you can offer as a FREE download in exchange for a contact name, phone number, and email address. This will give people an incentive to share their contact details. Now you have to make sure you market and attract to the appropriate audience so that only qualified people are responding to your offer.

What will generate qualified leads without you having to filter and choose your audience, a newsletter sign up. A newsletter sign up form on your service or product website will get the necessary information you need to qualify it as a lead, and would automatically filter out audience that isn't appropriate for your product or services.

One, daily overlooked lead generation technique that we can do but often never think to. Social networking. People spend most of their time on their phone connecting and communicating with friends, family or colleagues on social networks. If we dedicated a fraction of that time to a business social profile we crated on our favorite network we would daily make impressions of our business and if you personally reached out to our target audience, we would immediately generate highly qualified leads.
Let's talk about briefly what most bloggers are saying the platform that generates the most leads for business, which brings us to our next lead generating technique. says Twitter, which is the most used platform among business and professionals, is a must do because is an easy do! Twitter is easy to use and sign up for, learning the hashtags and which ones work best for you will take some time. But take the time, it's worth it. Once you get the right tweets going and start following your audience fellow Twitter profiles will be following back and engaging with your tweets.

The last tip we have for you, but definitely not the least effective is giving webinars. suggest using webinars FREE webinars to give education and FREE how to's. Webinars are in fact the most effective way to generate qualified, hot leads as your prospects are clear on your service or product and webinars give you a reputable start.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's so special about leads?

Our Tech Friend is a lead provider that specializes in leads for web designers and SEO experts mainly. We also have social media, content, graphic design and other types of leads but they are all in the tech industry. Our Tech Friend's main focus is on the freelance community and helping to provide freelancers with higher paying gigs than they wouldn't normally find on their own.

Our Tech Friend's leads come from which is a free lead generating platform that gives people an incentive to share what services they'd be willing to pay for by offering a lead in exchange. The partnership is exclusive with Our Tech Friend. They way it works : someone uploads a service they are willing to pay for at, if it is a web development or SEO leads that is worth over $1,500 it is immediately removed from Network For Leads and put into the lead portal at Our Tech Friend. Once it's in the lead portal at Our Tech Friend a member of Our Tech Friend can grab the lead which will remove it form the lead portal. We sell our leads ONE TIME. Our leads are exclusive to each member and we do NOT resell the leads once it's been grabbed.

Our Tech Friend's leads are not the secret sauce, and while we do have a high close rate and even higher response rate our leads at the end of the day are still just leads. What makes Our Tech Friend a better fit for most developers and experts is the lead portal. You never get stuck with bad leads, as you can easily return the leads you don't close via the lead portal. You will be instantly credited back and allowed to grab a new lead.

Now you never pay for a bad lead again!

Monday, December 26, 2016

How to determine your target audience

When you first start to generate leads or do any kind of online marketing, the first is determining who your target audience is. Why do you need to determine who your target audience first? Your audience should be kept in mind when creating content for your landing page, e blast or how ever you plan on marketing your services or product. When you design and develop your advertising you tailor it specifically to what would attract and interest the specific group of people that need or would want your product or services.

The first step in determining whom your target audience is list all the different categories of people you can think of that would benefit from what you're offering. The categories will look different compared to other industries. Hair stylist may categorized their audience by their hair types or needs whereas mechanics may categorize their audience by car type or car ownership status. What industry do you service will be a good way to determine how you should categorize your audience.

The next step is determining which category is going to be good customer to attract to your business. A hair stylist may determine men who need hair cuts are better fit for their services than women who need hair coloring. Create a list of pros and cons of what each category of audiences offers and cost your business, this is the beginning of choosing your target audience. says that we can have segmented audiences within our target audiences, in fact segmented audiences for eblast and mailings are highly suggested.

A few things you should know about your target audience should include at least age, location, sex if you can get other interest that would be great, remember the more you know the better your marketing strategy will be. The more details you know about your target audience, the better you will be able to market to them and attract their attention.

Friday, December 23, 2016

How to generate leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals to network online. Naturally business owners and professionals are taking advantage of the business aspect and generating leads and sales  on LinkedIn, and for FREE. I am sure you are interested in making sales and generating leads yourself, let's get started.

On LinkedIn, creating a company page, which would be equivalent to creating a Facebook business page isn't necessary and not nearly effective as creating a Facebook business page. On LinkedIn, the company page can get a following similar to Facebook, but updates and post are a little different. Conversions on LinkedIn companies and groups are possible and  can be just as easy if done correct. Right now, we are going to just focus on generating leads quickly on LinkedIn. Creating a LinkedIn personal profile is all that is needed on LinkedIn in order to start generating leads.

LinkedIn is hard, only at first. Unlike other social platforms you can only make connections with people you know and then you can connect with people they know. You need to have an email address of the person you want to connect with, that's how LinkedIn knows you guys know each other. So, get a list of professionals you know whom you have the email address of and start connecting with those guys immediately.

When you start making connections from your list of professional emails you will now have what LinkedIn consider's 1 degree connections. That is someone you are connected with, a 2nd degree connection is someone you and a few of your connections have in common, 3rd degree connections are people you share 1 connection with.

While you are waiting for people that you've requested to accept your connection, let's start scouting for customers and clients. Go to your search bar and filter out possible connection by the criteria that would qualify them as a potential lead or customer, then be sure to click 2nd degree connection so that it shows only people who have a 2nd degree connection. Now you get a result of people who are potential leads and customers that you can now connect with!

After you start requesting people and they start accepting your request encourages you to send an immediate message introducing yourself. OurTechFriend calls this the beginning of the nurturing process. From this point, it's time to build and relationship and then close! Getting leads on LinkedIn is easy now!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Facebook is a great lead generation tool

After you set up your Facebook page you are going to want to start generating leads and sales immediately. The great things about Facebook is that you can easily connect and engage with your audience and you can do all this for free! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Facebook can be a great lead generating and sales conversion tools IF used correctly.

Your Facebook page can convert sales and leads as well as generate new traffic quickly. Facebook's target demographic is more specific and accurate than Google and other ad networks. Facebook users log in to their specific profile no matter what device they are on, and so their activity is match to the correct account details every time. You don't always log into Google when doing searched on devices. You may use your uncle's laptop to find the closest pet store for your dog. Now Google thinks your uncle owns a dog. If you searched for the closest pet store on Facebook on your uncles phone, you are going to log out of your uncles account and into yours. Facebook will know, you are the one interested in pet stores and not your uncle.

Facebook is great at targeting exactly who you are looking for.

When you are spending money on getting your content in front of the people whether it be by search engine, third party websites, or promotional offers you want to make sure that you have the highest chance they are going to convert. In order to get the highest possible conversion you have to make sure that you are getting the correct information about your audience. Facebook encourages their members to like events, movies, shows, books and the list goes on forever, as they are adding more features to promote our individualistic interest. reminds us that when we are generating leads on Facebook we needs to focus on energies on finding people who are already interested in our product and not on convincing people of our product. OurTechFriend suggest using Facebook as a platform to let your customers know how to find you, and not to use Facebook as a selling platform. Having your Facebook store setup and available is a good idea, but pushing sales via post or comments is spammy.  uses as a way to share community freelance resources. writes blogs, provide leads, and advice on generating and closing leads. Facebook is a great tool to share with everyone the blogs and different resources provides to its current members.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How to get leads from Facebook

Most likely if you are reading this, you  have a Facebook account, and I'm sure you've heard how great Facebook can be for businesses. Creating your Facebook account probably wasn't that hard for you and connecting on Facebook with your favorite products, artist and service providers isn't too hard to figure out. What you may find challenging is setting up your Facebook business page, and what's even more challenging, is attracting the right audience to convert into leads immediately and long after your page is created.

Go to and when you get first get, you will need to sign up for an account. Find the option to create a page. Every Facebook business page must have a personal Facebook page assigned to it. If you do not already have a personal Facebook page, you will be forced to create one during the process of creating a Facebook business page.

After you have decided what kind of business you want to create on Facebook you will be prompted to following the step by step guide to upload your profile image, header, page description, and even products. Uploading images may seem tricky at first, be patient with yourself, click around, and you will figure it out! It's not too hard.

Creating posting and updates are the best way to reach out into the Facebook world and to your audience on Facebook. says that hashtags are great way to make your content found easier in Facebook searches, but can be easily abused, and annoy potential likes (people who like your page).

Your post only get shown to people who find it via a search or if they have like your page. Getting your post in front of the right audience can be done by paying Facebook to "boost" your post. When Facebook "boost" your post, they put your post in front of people who ordinarily wouldn't see it, and if they see your post they may like your page and your post will show up in their feed.

The only people who see your Facebook page post are people who like your page, or people who searched a term that is found in your post. advises investing money into have Facebook promote your page for likes, which are treated like followers. You will be able to promote and reach anyone that has every liked your page by uploading a post.

The more organic likes you have, the more often real people will engage with your business page via your post. Engaging with your audience will bring you leads and sales on Facebook so long as you keep up to date and relevant with the people who have liked your page.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How to make your sales make you sales

After you’ve turned your lead prospect into a sale, what do you do next? Let’s use that sale to create more sales for us now and for a long time down the road.

In order to generate sales, we must find and filter out leads, then nurture our lead into a sale/ client. That is a cycle, not a start and finish point. The next logical step is to go back into the lead generation portion then into the the nurturing and back into closing the sale.

How do you turn a sale into a lead? That’s pretty weird right?

It’s not that weird, it just as simple as re-qualifying them as a prospect. Can them benefit from your item or services now or in the near future? Someone who purchases a product or service once is bound to an upgrade or support for the purchased the product or service. If you stay in contact, and treat this closed customer as a new prospect, he is likely to go back and use your services again or welcome an upgrade.

Selling an upgrade or support with your services is one way to make your sale produce more sales. says the best way to make your sale create sales is by word of mouth. reminds us that word of mouth sales are the most profitable kind of sales. Sales that are made via word of mouth come at no marketing cost. experience is that word of mouth prospects have a bit confidence in your service or product which means they are already sold on your product or service before you connect with them. One sale can make many, many word of mouth sales far after you complete the first transaction.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Stay focused, follow up

Between generating leads and closing the deal there is a lot of things that go on in between. One of the main things that go on in between, but we rarely give credit or even recognize, and that's the follow up. Not too many sales are closed immediately.

When we first make initial contact with our prospect the trust building phase begins. During this phase it is important we allow our prospect to share as much about what they want as they are willing to share. If you listen to your prospect close enough, they will tell you how to close them every time. says that during the initial contact period, we should be encouraging our prospect to talk and share as much about what their needs are, but it is important that you listen.

You don't close at first, or you lose the prospect to a sudden lost of interest. Well, if they showed any initial interest, this prospect is STILL considered a lead. Now is your time to shine in fact! Let's follow up to see what alternative they took and how that alternative is working out for them. If you continue to build the relationship based on genuine interest in your prospect then you will be able to provide value that they will not deny, which will convert into a long term returning conversion. reminds us that quality is always more fruitful than quantity. Spending time to close a prospect will be more financial beneficial every time versus sending out blind e mail blast and doing mass marketing campaigns. Every now and again you will get a high paying client easy from the pick of your bunch of leads, more often than not you will need to nurture your prospect into the client or customer you would like them to be.

Friday, December 16, 2016

What every landing page needs in order to generate conversions

What is a landing page and how can it help improve your sales and conversions? A landing page is a very important marketing tool, you can use a landing page to generate and boost sales, foot traffic, online traffic, generate leads and we could list way even more ways a landing page is an effective marketing tool. Make sure you are using this tool correctly, you could spend a ton of money and energy creating a landing page only to promote it and not get the return you were planning on.

Let's talk about what steps we need to take in order to reassure ourselves of our return.

What's a landing page? A landing page is a page is simply a page that we hope our audience lands on first to introduce their service, product and sometimes website. describes a landing page as a strategically laid out page that is built with the purpose of a planned conversion. says that every landing page should have an incentive, and one focus. When you build you landing page, you should first think, what do I want my audience to do from this page? Purchase something, go to a website, download something, sign up for an event, watch a video, what your goal is, the landing page needs to have a goal.

An incentive is usually something free or a discount / coupon offer. Be creative, I'm sure you can come up with something. If you are trying to collect lead generation information suggest free educational e book download incentives in exchange for their Name, E Mail, Phone Number are cost friendly to you and a great incentive to the user. Everyone wants some free knowledge, why else are you even reading this!

With these two simple tips you will be able to create an effective landing page that serves it's purpose and brings in the returns you expect.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't be afraid to fail, it's the first step to succeeding

Why do most people fail to get the qualified leads they're looking for? Coming up with a strategy and execution plan to get your audience to come to your website and convert into a sale or lead generation can be exhausting and wearing on the initial adrenaline rush. You get a few leads which get you excited, but they don't lead to an immediate close, soon after you aren't executing your strategy with the same daily efforts and energy you started off with. says if you measure how much effort you put into executing your marketing strategy and for how long do you keep your efforts and energy up, you can determine your level of success. suggest sending e blast to people interested and curious about your services or products. If they are not interested now, that doesn't mean they never will be. When you do e blast, you don't have to send e blast everyday, every week or even every month, but some kind of consistency is required. Some companies even send out emails to their members on a quarterly basis. Sending e blast are a great way of creating a relationship with people who are interested in your product or services. If you build a strong email list, you can expect to see conversions on a consistent basis.

At first, and like all marketing strategies and efforts, you will not see a return on your efforts and energies immediately. It may take a day, or a week! You will though, immediately start to see a change in your traffic if you execute any marketing strategy. The change in your traffic is encouraging, but don't get discouraged if your sales or conversion rate doesn't immediately go up. wants to remind us, when our efforts and energies are low, so will our sales and conversions!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Are email blast good for lead generation?

Email’s used to be something that was only checked when we were in our offices or working. Thanks to the invention of the smart phone, we are now more accessible than ever! Yay! Well not really, but for the sake of this topic, Yay!

Now, when you have someone’s email address you can send them an email. The
likelihood that they will see your message, if it doesn’t get lost in the spam abyss, are very high, but will they open it? And if they open it, will they be angry and unsubscribe from you, or will they convert into a lead?

Well if they do get angry and unsubscribe from you that will give you a poor rating with your email service provider and if you get a certain amount of unsubscribes your email service provider will drop you. So, at all cost you want to avoid getting unsubscribed. says to create a landing page that either has a pop up or ‘sign up to your newsletter’ form somewhere on your landing page. You do not have to send out newsletter’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Sending out newsletter’s on a consistent basis is important in order to expect a steady return of leads. These leads will be qualified hot leads!

When we buy email list or get email list to start sending emails to it can be tricky to avoid getting unsubscribed from because they are not familiar with you or your brand. So, if you buy email list, be sure to know what the interest of the people in the list are. Send emails that do not try and sell anything, rather just peak interest. Start building a relationship slowly before you send out emails to influence some kind of conversion.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How do I determine my target audience?

When you talk about generating leads and doing online marketing the term target audience is something that will come up a lot. It’s a very important key to marketing in any form. Let’s go over what a target audience is and how to determine who your target audience is.

A target audience is a specific group of people that your products or services are
aimed towards.
What if my product / service is for every one?

Let me tell you a good story or proverb I once heard about a boy , a man, and a donkey that were walking through the village when they over heard people saying comments like how stupid it was of them to be walking when they have a perfectly good donkey. After that, the old man thought it would be a good idea to put the boy on the donkey, and they continued their walk. Not too much later did people start saying the boy was spoiled and had no respect to make the old man walk. Quickly, the boy got off the donkey and put the old man on top of the donkey. Confidently, they started back up their journey until passerby’s started complaining that it was such abuse to make the little boy walk while the old man just watch, so they both got on top on the donkey. People soon were in an uproar that they overworking the donkey and that he looks like he was going to collapse any minute. They man, and they boy thought it best to carry the donkey as they were coming up to a bridge. While they were carrying the donkey over the bridge they lost grip and the donkey was lost over the bride. The lesson is that trying to please everyone, you will lose your ass! hahaha

Likewise, in marketing, if you try and appeal to everyone you will more times than not do more damage and be less appealing to everyone. When marketing you should know the group your service or product best fits with and aim for them. You will get more favorable results picking a predetermined group of people to attract, then a wide variety of people.
You will make no one happy trying to make everyone happy. is catered to the web developers, web designers, SEO experts and online marketers of the world. While your audience doesn’t and can not always be that specific, building a strategy around a specific group of wants and desires you are likely to hit one. Get leads from no matter what industry you’re in. For most in the freelance community, will be a great resource to you.

Monday, December 12, 2016

How often do you follow through with your marketing strategy?

When generating leads online, there are so many options and a combination of different ways of generating leads online that getting distracted can be very easy, and distractions almost always leads to a complete lost of focus and then a lost in interest with your marketing plan. That’s how you go to getting a good idea and doing a few task to get your idea going, but then what happens, we get distracted with a new idea or work, either way our original idea and goals get neglected until it’s another thing on your list of failures.

We put it on our list of failure but never examine why we failed and so when we start on a new project we go down the same path, and are bound to until we recognize why we are failing as to adjust ourselves. In the above example, which happens to all of us at one time or another is a great example, because what a lot of people don’t fail to realize, is that they fail, because they never even really tried!

It’s not your project that ends up failing, rather it’s you giving up on your project and following through with your execution plans. I am sure that what ever your plan or strategy may be, it is a good one that has a good chance of succeeding, but only if you actually FOLLOW THRU with your plans or strategies. A good marketing and lead generation strategy is only as good as how well it’s executed.

How well it’s executed can easily be measured in how consistent and persistent you stay with your plans or strategy. encourages it members to daily grab a lead. suggest that our members immediately reach out to their via email unless instructed otherwise and following up with a friendly text, then returning the lead at the end of the day so that we can grab a new one the next day if you haven’t made contact. Not making contact should be the only reason you have to return an lead! If you stayed at it daily, no telling how many client’s you’d get!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

All the different ways to generate leads

So you have a great company, service, or product you want to start making sales for, now it's time to start generating leads in order to use your marketing resources on your audience and true potential buyers.

When people first start marketing their product or services they almost always want to convince people of what they're selling. That is not how you market successfully! You do not need to convince people of what your selling, all you need to do is let the people who already want or need what yours selling how to buy from you when they're ready. Now you see why your first step should be to generate leads so that you can first find out who needs or wants what your offering.

What are all the different ways anyone can start generating leads right now? Let's keep in mind, generating hot leads will either take a good amount of time and energy or be costly. There are no short cuts, only seemingly cheap but long term costly alternatives.

Building a landing page online that you have a web form in which you collect the necessary information to qualify the lead is a must do when generating leads online yourself. You could use social media to generate organic traffic. This method can be use in combination with the next few I mention.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing via Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or other platforms to advertise your products or services. When you choose to do PPC marketing you want to make sure that you have a designated landing page with a predetermined conversion tunnel.

Social Media is something that is easy and free to use to reach your audience. You
can use social media without a landing page, but engaging with your audience is always preferable and a landing page allows you to decide how you want to engage with your audience.

Hiring telemarketers is something a large amount of freelancers and companies have used that always proves to be costly but when effective, very effective! Telemarketing tends to have a high turn over right and rarely are they willing to work commission based, but you are likely to get a high volume of quality leads when done correctly.

Our Tech Friend ( was developed with all this in mind. We offer leads on a consistent basis until you full fill your package order and close the amount of purchased clients. In every single way is the cheapest method for web developer and SEO experts to generate leads. They save their time, and the budget doesn't increase. charges a one time fee.


Go check out now and see how our lead process works.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The kind of leads you can expect from Our Tech Friend

The number one question our future members ask is "what kind of leads do you sale" and the runner up is almost always "are your leads exclusive. I have a theory that from there our members enter these answers into an extravagant formula they developed right before the call which determines whether or not this is something they want to sign up for. After 5 minutes of speaking with us, you can almost hear the complicated decision making tunnel they planned out before the call collapse after we respond with our simple answers.

Why? Because, it is just that simple.

We are not promising you the impossible, which would be to say, the leads you get from us will get you a client every time. In fact, we stress quite the opposite! What makes so useful is that we understand how difficult closing leads can be, we are hear to help make the process easy and effective. generates leads in a very unique manner, in fact we are the
only partners of, which is a free lead sharing platform. This allows to generate hot, qualified leads, but this still does not mean that we can guarantee a quick close every time.

OurTechFriend's process guarantees that for a set price you will get access to our leads until you close the amount of client's you purchased. This is a one time fee, not a monthly fee.'s packages end up being the cheapest route for freelancers by far when it comes to generating leads.

Other options to generating leads are to use your own time and energy making landing pages and filtering then nurturing cold leads, but your time is valuable and that easily gets costly. You can hire telemarketers and pay hourly or by commission, and both those ways are easily far more expensive then even our most expensive package.

There are a ton of creative ways to create leads, but it takes resources no matter which route you take. Which resource do you want to use? Go to and see how we can be of resource to you.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Turn your leads into clients and customers with these tips

Having trouble closing your leads? You can get them on the phone and they definitely need your product or services but they just won’t buy.


People love spending money on the things they don’t need to look cool, and to entertain themselves for a while. It may seem like when it comes to their business, that’s when they start getting nervous about spending money. We all have encounters with clients that can ONLY spend $300 to $600 for a website that
represents their business, has the potential to bring in easy passive income, plus a ton of other benefactors and they are refusing to pay anything over a few hundred dollars, BUT easily spent $900 on an iPhone s16 and a half that they definitely don’t need.

So what does this tell you?

It means they have the money, and they can spend it! Now you just have to figure out why they are spending it where it matters the most. Let’s go over a few reasons why our customers might not be buying into our product or service.
They don’t feel like they need to. Be sure to explain how your services are a must have and in which ways your business will benefit. You don’t have to sound like a salesperson, just be sure to clearly go over how your product or services will help them reach their goals and make sure you leave them with an eager want for your product / service.

You customer doesn’t have enough trust built in you. Lately developers have been seen as dishonest and untrustworthy. In fact most of our inquires are from people who just have recently had a bad experience with a developer and are looking to start new with someone else, but the new developer will have to take on the task of earning their trust so they feel you are capable of doing all the wonderful things you tell them you can do.

These are just two issues helps freelancers get over everyday. offers hot leads for web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts and other techies in the freelance community, although our leads are as hot as a lead can be, they may still have difficulties closing prospects. Thanks to our lead specialist that will work one on one with our members if needed we have been able to help struggling freelancers all over!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why do Our Tech Friend packages cost so much!?

Our Tech Friend doesn't only sell leads, our leads come with a unique service in which we make sure our members get clients from our leads.

How do we do this? releases leads throughout the day in our lead portal for
everyone to see at Only members can actually claim a lead, and only the one member that claims the lead can see the contact information. Our Tech Friend sells their leads ONE time, they are exclusive in that we do not sell them again after claimed once.

You get access to the leads in the portal according to your package access until you close a client.

That's it!

For a one time fee, we have simplified the lead generation process for you. The amount of money you will spend using your own time and energy or even paying a telemarketer a fee or commission is far greater than any of our packages.

They don't look costly at all now!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Facebook generates more leads, but LinkedIn leads converts into sales more often

This is a case and scenario we see all the time. Which is why it is important to do to A/B testing. What is A/B testing, and how can it help you better target your audience? Why is it necessary to better target your audience? Hell, what the heck is better targeting your audience? Let’s go over all these need to know how’s in order to know which where our efforts is paying off and where our efforts need to be adjusted.

A target audience is specific group of people we have determined fit certain
interest and criteria, for instance, let’s assume our target audience were 20 people that all like comics about Spider-man and lived in downtown San Fransisco (SF). That’s a target audience for the new 3-D Spider-man movie being released in downtown SF!

It’s very necessary to make sure we have a target audience when doing our campaigns, says that we should remember when we market our business it isn’t about convincing someone they want or need our product / service, it’s about letting the people who want / need our product / service know where and how to find us.

A/B testing is when you test one group of your select audience against another in order to compare traction and conversions of the two. For instance, if I sent the same email blast out to two different groups how would they compared to which group opened the emails more, which group had more clicks. Information that you gather like the such will help you create specific e blast that are sure to get opened, and convert. knows that this is something you have to work on, on a consistent basis when it comes to building up a strong clientele. is here for developers that want to only focus on their skill-set and leave the lead generating up to someone else. We’re here for you!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Simple tips to generate leads on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter

When you are running your lead generation campaign there are a few small, simple things you should be doing in order to make sure you get the best return for your effort. Consistency, creativity, and connectivity are 3 simple things to remember when running any campaign so that you can see a full return on the energy, time and money you spend. Let's go over quickly how these 3 simple reminders will increase our conversions.

A good schedule and consistency seems like an obvious must have, and while
almost everyone takes the first step to create a schedule how many actually follow through with it. All ideas are great but almost none are actual done. When you use Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter to generate leads you have to remember that consistent engagement with your audience will increase reputation and customer retention.

It is really easy to just post content and hand out likes like "whilly nilly", is that even a saying? Either way, you get the picture. Posting as much content as you can, adding everyone as a friend, and liking as many post as you can is NOT the way to go. Target the people you add as friends, having a determined audience is important. Make sure that your content is as unique and personal as you can make it. says lead generation campaigns should feel like an inside joke between you and your audience, it shouldn't attract everyone. Try and make sure your content is audience specific!

Last but definitely not least, in fact I would say the most important goal when generating leads on Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter is connectivity with your audience. Your content and likes can only do so much, how else are you reaching out and connecting to your audience. has found comments to be an effect easy way to connect immediately online with your audience. Doing en blast to your members that include some kind of requested action is another effective connecting method.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Are pop ups a great lead generating tool or just annoying?

If you had a website, the one thing you wouldn't do is put up annoying pop ups right? I know I hear this comment all the time. Pop ups are at best most think an annoyance that you try and dodge more than the salesman at the door. Sshhh be quiet, it's a pop up, maybe it won't see us.

What does your online sales cycle look like?

Most online sales cycle goes something similar to :
Attract audience via a landing page -> landing page converts into a sale

Well, that's a very simplified flow but either way we get a good idea. What happens to the traffic that our landing page in which we have spent time, energy and effort in order to make sure it attracts but doesn't convert.
Well, they leave and that's that.

Save your audience!

A pop up, even though it make take way from the look of your website will save your audience that is interested in your product or service so that you can sell to them later! (Our Tech Friend) says that pop ups are greatly encouraged, but if you are hard against pops ups a newsletter form somewhere on your landing page is a must have.

Our Tech Friend uses pop ups and a combination of e blast to communicate with there members and keep them updated with information on their web development leads, web design leads, and SEO leads. members appreciate the communication and special offers which helps retain members and keeps growth in the community.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How important is generating leads for EVERY business

When we think about lead generating, what mainly comes to mind for most is collecting as many email address and names as you can, then email blasting them until we squeeze out a conversion.

Lead generation is healthy and necessary for any company looking to seek some kind of point of sale at any time, which will apply to EVERY business.

What will lead generation will do for your business?

Lead generation will increase returns on your profits when it comes to spending on marketing almost immediately. How? When you take time to gather leads for your business, you will be pitching to your actual audience. Think about how many times you have spent money in marketing to have your ad or campaign draw in people who don’t need at all and will never need your service or product. You will increase your conversions dramatically just by simply marketing to a lead generation list.

Every product has a target audience, finding out who your target audience is necessary when generating leads. After you have determined the audience for your product or service, you can start generating names, and contact details from people of your audience type. You can just created a generated leads list, that you can now do targeted marketing. (Our Tech Friend) does a lot of different marketing campaigns to attract all types of clients throughout the States that are interested in web design, web development, SEO (search engine optimization) help or support and many other online development needs. Our Tech Friend knows from first hand experience how much effort, time and energy goes into getting each client. Let provide you with the leads you need in order to get the clients you want.