Simple tips to increase sales.

The biggest mistake people make when creating a marketing strategy is spending

energy attempting to convince people of their product instead of focusing on finding their audience.

People are buying what you're selling! Find out who is looking for your product and focus on only introducing your product.  Introduce yourself to enough qualified prospects and you will make a sale.

How to find out who and where your audience is? 

Get specific, ask yourself questions like
"how old is the average person that would be interested in my product?"
"what other products would the average person that would be interested in my product buy?"
"what kind of income does someone that would be interested in my product make?"

When you find your audience, attract them. 

Once you have found your audience, now it is time to give them reasons why they should go with you instead of your competitor. This is when your website's job kicks in. You should have a strong landing page, and easy check out / appointment setting process.

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