How offers unlimited web design, web development, WordPress leads and SEO leads until you close the amount of clients (clients over $1,000) you've purchased is a unique lead platform. Let's go over quickly how our membership and lead portal work. One of the unique features about is how we allow our members to access our leads, via our lead portal at

> What do we mean by unlimited leads until you close? For your one time payment, you get access to hot leads until you close the amount of leads you’ve purchased! If you buy the 1 client package, you can grab 1 lead from the portal at a time. You can return a lead for ANY reason so long as you haven’t collected any form of a payment from the prospect. Any leads you close under $1,000 you can keep and still return the lead, because we do not consider quality leads to be under $1,000. All of our leads come with a screenshot of the verification conversation between our lead specialist and the prospect. 

You can now log into our lead portal at You can view this portal even if you aren’t a member. You can go to now and click on the “Buy Leads” item in the menu Or you can ask up any questions you have about our services at