Generate FREE Facebook leads is one of the largest and most popular social networking platforms which makes it a gold mine for leads. Generate free Facebook leads in a little as a day if you following the steps in today's blog. Facebook is free to sign up with, and creating a business page is a free as well. You will need two thins in order to follow these steps thoroughly. You will need a Facebook profile account and you will need at least one Facebook business page.

First step, target audience. Before we even log into our Facebook profile or business page account we need to have as specific of an ideal about the people we are looking to connect with. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine your target audience? Is your service or product for locals , people in your sate, country or even international. What is the age range and sex of your audience? List as much personal interest things you know will attract your audience (jazz, golfing, etc)

Second step is going to connect will other companies by liking and following the pages your audience would be interested in. The first step will help because you will have a list of interest your audience is attracted to. Every company you, their followers are prospects for you. After you like and follow the companies you are interested in, you will now have access to tons of people who are your target audience. How?
Every page you like you will see all their followers and people who have like and comment their post and media. Which now makes them accessible to you. You would want to follow people who comment and like the post as that assures you they are not a robot or spammer. You now have connection with a ton of prospects, which expose their name and contact details. Now we have a ton of leads, let's engage and convert. says engagement is the most important step in getting free leads and sales from Yes, you will not just get leads using this technique but also sales. Once you have connected, you can then engage with your new connections in two ways. You can directly reach out to your new connections via a welcome message, says that we want to be sure to take genuine interest at this step and not try and make a sale or conversion in your introduction message. The introduction message is to purely introduce yourself, and hear about what they need as much as you can.

Once you have connect with enough of your new connections you will have a very clear picture of what your audience will need, which will make it easy to create post that will draw in and attract your prospects. Create post that interest your prospects, post are to encourage engagement NOT to close. You can personal reach out to people who like and comment on your post to see if there is any way you can be of assistance, when you do this, they will close themselves!

Now you should be able to start connecting with prospects and engaging with connections that will convert into a sales or lead, and in just 3 easy steps!