Why do Our Tech Friend packages cost so much!?

Our Tech Friend doesn't only sell leads, our leads come with a unique service in which we make sure our members get clients from our leads.

How do we do this?

OurTechFriend.com releases leads throughout the day in our lead portal for
everyone to see at clients.ourtechfriend.com. Only members can actually claim a lead, and only the one member that claims the lead can see the contact information. Our Tech Friend sells their leads ONE time, they are exclusive in that we do not sell them again after claimed once.

You get access to the leads in the portal according to your package access until you close a client.

That's it!

For a one time fee, we have simplified the lead generation process for you. The amount of money you will spend using your own time and energy or even paying a telemarketer a fee or commission is far greater than any of our packages.

They don't look costly at all now!