What every landing page needs in order to generate conversions

What is a landing page and how can it help improve your sales and conversions? A landing page is a very important marketing tool, you can use a landing page to generate and boost sales, foot traffic, online traffic, generate leads and we could list way even more ways a landing page is an effective marketing tool. Make sure you are using this tool correctly, you could spend a ton of money and energy creating a landing page only to promote it and not get the return you were planning on.

Let's talk about what steps we need to take in order to reassure ourselves of our return.

What's a landing page? A landing page is a page is simply a page that we hope our audience lands on first to introduce their service, product and sometimes website.

OurTechFriend.com describes a landing page as a strategically laid out page that is built with the purpose of a planned conversion. OurTechFriend.com says that every landing page should have an incentive, and one focus. When you build you landing page, you should first think, what do I want my audience to do from this page? Purchase something, go to a website, download something, sign up for an event, watch a video, what your goal is, the landing page needs to have a goal.

An incentive is usually something free or a discount / coupon offer. Be creative, I'm sure you can come up with something. If you are trying to collect lead generation information OurTechFriend.com suggest free educational e book download incentives in exchange for their Name, E Mail, Phone Number are cost friendly to you and a great incentive to the user. Everyone wants some free knowledge, why else are you even reading this!

With these two simple tips you will be able to create an effective landing page that serves it's purpose and brings in the returns you expect.