How to determine your target audience

When you first start to generate leads or do any kind of online marketing, the first is determining who your target audience is. Why do you need to determine who your target audience first? Your audience should be kept in mind when creating content for your landing page, e blast or how ever you plan on marketing your services or product. When you design and develop your advertising you tailor it specifically to what would attract and interest the specific group of people that need or would want your product or services.

The first step in determining whom your target audience is list all the different categories of people you can think of that would benefit from what you're offering. The categories will look different compared to other industries. Hair stylist may categorized their audience by their hair types or needs whereas mechanics may categorize their audience by car type or car ownership status. What industry do you service will be a good way to determine how you should categorize your audience.

The next step is determining which category is going to be good customer to attract to your business. A hair stylist may determine men who need hair cuts are better fit for their services than women who need hair coloring. Create a list of pros and cons of what each category of audiences offers and cost your business, this is the beginning of choosing your target audience. says that we can have segmented audiences within our target audiences, in fact segmented audiences for eblast and mailings are highly suggested.

A few things you should know about your target audience should include at least age, location, sex if you can get other interest that would be great, remember the more you know the better your marketing strategy will be. The more details you know about your target audience, the better you will be able to market to them and attract their attention.