How to make your sales make you sales

After you’ve turned your lead prospect into a sale, what do you do next? Let’s use that sale to create more sales for us now and for a long time down the road.

In order to generate sales, we must find and filter out leads, then nurture our lead into a sale/ client. That is a cycle, not a start and finish point. The next logical step is to go back into the lead generation portion then into the the nurturing and back into closing the sale.

How do you turn a sale into a lead? That’s pretty weird right?

It’s not that weird, it just as simple as re-qualifying them as a prospect. Can them benefit from your item or services now or in the near future? Someone who purchases a product or service once is bound to an upgrade or support for the purchased the product or service. If you stay in contact, and treat this closed customer as a new prospect, he is likely to go back and use your services again or welcome an upgrade.

Selling an upgrade or support with your services is one way to make your sale produce more sales. says the best way to make your sale create sales is by word of mouth. reminds us that word of mouth sales are the most profitable kind of sales. Sales that are made via word of mouth come at no marketing cost. experience is that word of mouth prospects have a bit confidence in your service or product which means they are already sold on your product or service before you connect with them. One sale can make many, many word of mouth sales far after you complete the first transaction.