Here are 5 Quick tips for lead generation from OurTechFriend ( for our freelancers out there!

1. Of course our first tip is to use our lead portal at to get access to see what exclusive leads we have to offer, now they do come with a price, so if you want to try the free route first, check out the next few tips...

For #webDesigners #webDevelopers #SEOexperts and people who need any kind of #webDevelopment leads continue with these tips below:

2. Make sure you have a #blog that has strong #keywords and be sure spending time on driving traffic to your blog

3. Check over your #landing page weekly to see what you can be doing to optimize your landing page, creating "#conversation about your service".

4. Change up and be sure to #diversify your #content, make sure that you are reaching out to different interest so that you have a better chance of capturing your #audience from different places.

5. Use #webinars to #connect and #retain your past and new audience. Webinars can go a far way, and can be a #FREE way of #marketing your services.