Get web development leads and SEO leads from's Lead Portal

Our Tech Friend (OTF) is a unique lead provider in the web development, web design and SEO expert freelance community for multiple reasons, the main one being our lead portal! Our lead portal allows our members to choose the leads they want, and not be assigned leads they are not qualified for or have no interest in for one reason or another.


Our lead portal is very easy to use. After you have purchased a plan you will be emailed separately a welcome message from the Lead's portal with a different username and password than the one you created when purchasing a lead package. After you log in your first time and set up your password you can go under the 'get client now' page and start accepting leads.


Once you have accepted a lead, you will be email the lead's contact details as well as be able to see the leads contact details at anytime under your 'my client' page. You contact your lead and whalah! You got yourself a new client!


Is it really that easy?


Yes, it is! Have fun getting clients and check out our resource section for tips on getting as much as you can from your client relationships!