Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to connect with our leads makes it easy to connect with lead prospects via our lead portal. Nurturing a lead begins right after you grab the lead and ends long after you send the first text, email or call.
How long should I attempt to reach out to a lead?
If you are sending a text, one text will do. A call a day after if you really want is fine. We strongly urge you to return the lead if you can not reach your lead easily.
You can send a text simply saying "Hello ___, are you stilling looking for help with ________."
When you return a lead depending on your reason a lead specialist will follow up with the lead. When a lead specialist makes a connection with the prospect they connect with the member who claimed the lead and either the lead will be redirected to the member or the lead will be returned into the portal and the member will get the lead ID # so as not to grab it again.

Spend more time developing apps not clients is valuable to developers not because of how special our leads are, but how special our service to our developers and freelancers are. Our services make the most affordable solution to generating leads quickly. Whether you decide to hire a telemarketer, pay someone a commission, spend your own time and energy generating leads, or using another lead providing service our packages are most affordable!
For a one time charge you get unlimited leads until you close the amount of clients you've purchased. We obtain our leads via which is a free lead sharing portal with a special relationship with Our last notable feature is our lead portal, which allows anyone to view all of our obtained leads, but only members can claim a lead to receive contact details.
Our members main concerns are usually when it comes to returning leads.

How does our lead returning process work, and when can you return a lead?

Our lead return process is developed to make lead prospecting easy for the prospect and developer. You can return a lead for absolutely any reason and so long as you haven't accepted any money from the prospect.

If you can not contact the lead prospect easily then return them immediately!

This is what makes Our Tech Friend so useful. You virtually do not have to do any work when it comes to prospecting our leads. Connect and close. Leave all the in between parts up to us. Once a lead is returned, depending on why, a lead generator will connect with the lead prospect. When a lead generator connects with a lead prospect the member whom originally claimed the lead is updated.
The member who claimed the lead can then decide to continue with the lead or not. For any more question please feel free to send us an email at

Monday, July 10, 2017

Our Tech Friend, How it works

Unlimited leads until you close

Buy one our client packages for a one time, flat fee and get access to unlimited leads until you close the amount of clients you’ve purchased.

Return bad leads and you will be credited back within 48 hours.

View lead details in the portal first, once you find a lead you like you can claim it.

Our Packages

We are the only lead providers that offer a lifetime membership for a one time payment.

For a one time payment you are guaranteed the amount of clients you’ve purchased until you close.

Return Bad Leads

Return leads that are non responsive.

Return leads that you do not want to work with.

So long as you do NOT take any money from the lead prospect you can return your lead for a new one.

View Lead Details First

Don’t you hate getting leads you don’t want?

View lead details first, what skills are needed and a budget estimate before claiming a lead.

You can see our leads live right now at