Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Find and close clients : web developers and SEO experts

How do you get anyone to buy anything? You provide value. That is pretty much the rule to sell just about anything, including your services. A very easy way to always be providing value is to keep in mind one simple question.


How can I be providing value now?


That question will get you not only clients fast and EASY, but quality clients as well. Now you might be wondering, what are some ways in which you can provide value?

I recently read an article at http://jonathanwold.com/ called “How To Get Your First Web Development Client” which mentions 5 creative ways to create value as a beginning web developer:

  1. Contact your local newspaper with an article outline and work with them to get it published.

  1. Offer to build a website for a local ministry at no cost with no strings attached. When the work is done and the client is thrilled, ask for an endorsement and referrals.

  1. Write a tutorial explaining how you built the site for that ministry so that others can do the same for theirs (it might seem counter intuitive, but it works).

  1. Teach a free workshop at local library, community center, or church on the basics of starting a new blog on WordPress.

  1. Give your time, no strings attached, sharing ideas and suggestions with business owners on how a website could help their business.

Hope these tips helped! Our Tech Friend’s team is always looking for ways to help freelance techies improve their income! Check back in for more tips!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

OurTechFriend.com's Web Development Leads and SEO Leads

Our Tech Friend was developed by and for internet experts, is the key that separates us from the rest of the lead providers. Getting leads is usually frustrating and more times than not, disappointing! After many failed attempts at finding a good lead provider, Our Tech Friend.com started being developed with the mission to provide QUALITY, leads EASILY.

Usually you buy a certain amount of leads from a person or company, almost always unsure of what kind of work the leads need, budget, and quite a few more unknowns. After you look past all the unknowns and finally get to calling the leads you will immediately notice almost none, if few even respond! Now you are stuck with chasing down the lead provider for replacement leads (like you want more of those!) or your money back (good luck with that!).

Focus on developing and improving your skills, not clients.

Our Tech Friend solves absolutely all of these issues and concerns with buying web development leads, SEO leads, or web design leads. We have a lead portal in which you are always able to view the leads we have LIVE and once you become a member you can see full description for leads.

We provide our members of the luxury of going through the leads, and only having to get the ones they want! Also, we provide a client guarantee, with an automated easy way to return leads.

Get web development leads and SEO leads from Ourtechfriend.com's Lead Portal

Our Tech Friend (OTF) is a unique lead provider in the web development, web design and SEO expert freelance community for multiple reasons, the main one being our lead portal! Our lead portal allows our members to choose the leads they want, and not be assigned leads they are not qualified for or have no interest in for one reason or another.


Our lead portal is very easy to use. After you have purchased a plan you will be emailed separately a welcome message from the Lead's portal with a different username and password than the one you created when purchasing a lead package. After you log in your first time and set up your password you can go under the 'get client now' page and start accepting leads.


Once you have accepted a lead, you will be email the lead's contact details as well as be able to see the leads contact details at anytime under your 'my client' page. You contact your lead and whalah! You got yourself a new client!


Is it really that easy?


Yes, it is! Have fun getting clients and check out our resource section for tips on getting as much as you can from your client relationships!

Get web development and SEO clients immediately!

OurTechFriend.com isn't just about selling web development and SEO leads, we also want to be a service that helps developers and experts in general increase their income. OurTechFriend.com values the importance of freelancers and do what we can to help freelance meet their potential income. Below are some quick things to remember that can significantly increase your client retention: Make yourself easily reachable - we all know how frustrating it can be trying to connect with our service providers, set yourself apart from the rest by being easy for your clients to reach and contact you.

Be sure to be creating value for your client - all to easy is it to overcharge when being a service provider, remember to keep the clients best interest at hand and you can't go wrong. If you are sure to give your client a fair price you increase your chances of a return client and more work significantly.
Give straight forward answers - be upfront and honest, then the rest will work itself out. Everyone wants to work with someone who is upfront and honest, nothing scares business away more than a surprise bill or unclear explanations.


Try remembering these 3 tips and see if you don't have happier and more clients!