How to connect with our leads makes it easy to connect with lead prospects via our lead portal. Nurturing a lead begins right after you grab the lead and ends long after you send the first text, email or call.
How long should I attempt to reach out to a lead?
If you are sending a text, one text will do. A call a day after if you really want is fine. We strongly urge you to return the lead if you can not reach your lead easily.
You can send a text simply saying "Hello ___, are you stilling looking for help with ________."
When you return a lead depending on your reason a lead specialist will follow up with the lead. When a lead specialist makes a connection with the prospect they connect with the member who claimed the lead and either the lead will be redirected to the member or the lead will be returned into the portal and the member will get the lead ID # so as not to grab it again.