What's so special about OurTechFriend.com leads?

Our Tech Friend is a lead provider that specializes in leads for web designers and SEO experts mainly. We also have social media, content, graphic design and other types of leads but they are all in the tech industry. Our Tech Friend's main focus is on the freelance community and helping to provide freelancers with higher paying gigs than they wouldn't normally find on their own.

Our Tech Friend's leads come from NetworkForLeads.com which is a free lead generating platform that gives people an incentive to share what services they'd be willing to pay for by offering a lead in exchange. The partnership is exclusive with Our Tech Friend. They way it works : someone uploads a service they are willing to pay for at www.networkforleads.com, if it is a web development or SEO leads that is worth over $1,500 it is immediately removed from Network For Leads and put into the lead portal at Our Tech Friend. Once it's in the lead portal at Our Tech Friend a member of Our Tech Friend can grab the lead which will remove it form the lead portal. We sell our leads ONE TIME. Our leads are exclusive to each member and we do NOT resell the leads once it's been grabbed.

Our Tech Friend's leads are not the secret sauce, and while we do have a high close rate and even higher response rate our leads at the end of the day are still just leads. What makes Our Tech Friend a better fit for most developers and experts is the lead portal. You never get stuck with bad leads, as you can easily return the leads you don't close via the lead portal. You will be instantly credited back and allowed to grab a new lead.

Now you never pay for a bad lead again!