Stay focused, follow up

Between generating leads and closing the deal there is a lot of things that go on in between. One of the main things that go on in between, but we rarely give credit or even recognize, and that's the follow up. Not too many sales are closed immediately.

When we first make initial contact with our prospect the trust building phase begins. During this phase it is important we allow our prospect to share as much about what they want as they are willing to share. If you listen to your prospect close enough, they will tell you how to close them every time. says that during the initial contact period, we should be encouraging our prospect to talk and share as much about what their needs are, but it is important that you listen.

You don't close at first, or you lose the prospect to a sudden lost of interest. Well, if they showed any initial interest, this prospect is STILL considered a lead. Now is your time to shine in fact! Let's follow up to see what alternative they took and how that alternative is working out for them. If you continue to build the relationship based on genuine interest in your prospect then you will be able to provide value that they will not deny, which will convert into a long term returning conversion. reminds us that quality is always more fruitful than quantity. Spending time to close a prospect will be more financial beneficial every time versus sending out blind e mail blast and doing mass marketing campaigns. Every now and again you will get a high paying client easy from the pick of your bunch of leads, more often than not you will need to nurture your prospect into the client or customer you would like them to be.