How to get leads from Facebook

Most likely if you are reading this, you  have a Facebook account, and I'm sure you've heard how great Facebook can be for businesses. Creating your Facebook account probably wasn't that hard for you and connecting on Facebook with your favorite products, artist and service providers isn't too hard to figure out. What you may find challenging is setting up your Facebook business page, and what's even more challenging, is attracting the right audience to convert into leads immediately and long after your page is created.

Go to and when you get first get, you will need to sign up for an account. Find the option to create a page. Every Facebook business page must have a personal Facebook page assigned to it. If you do not already have a personal Facebook page, you will be forced to create one during the process of creating a Facebook business page.

After you have decided what kind of business you want to create on Facebook you will be prompted to following the step by step guide to upload your profile image, header, page description, and even products. Uploading images may seem tricky at first, be patient with yourself, click around, and you will figure it out! It's not too hard.

Creating posting and updates are the best way to reach out into the Facebook world and to your audience on Facebook. says that hashtags are great way to make your content found easier in Facebook searches, but can be easily abused, and annoy potential likes (people who like your page).

Your post only get shown to people who find it via a search or if they have like your page. Getting your post in front of the right audience can be done by paying Facebook to "boost" your post. When Facebook "boost" your post, they put your post in front of people who ordinarily wouldn't see it, and if they see your post they may like your page and your post will show up in their feed.

The only people who see your Facebook page post are people who like your page, or people who searched a term that is found in your post. advises investing money into have Facebook promote your page for likes, which are treated like followers. You will be able to promote and reach anyone that has every liked your page by uploading a post.

The more organic likes you have, the more often real people will engage with your business page via your post. Engaging with your audience will bring you leads and sales on Facebook so long as you keep up to date and relevant with the people who have liked your page.